What's Sing and Sign?

Developed with the help of Speech and Language experts,  the "Sing and Sign" program has since taught tens of thousands of parents how to sign with their babies and encourage amazing early communication.


Sing and Sign's original and unique approach has revolutionised baby signing in the United Kingdom. Sing and Sign combines the benefits of both music and baby signing. We teach a wide range of signs using some traditional and some specially written or adapted songs. What makes Sing and Sign special is that every sign used in song relates to those important first words of a baby's world! Nappies and bath time, hiding games and bedtime. You name it, we have a song about it, and the babies just love to hear them! With a high standard of educational content, this is a relaxing, enjoyable and unpressured way for you and your baby to learn.

We don't use too many signs within the songs, just enough to highlight the key words. Many of the tunes we use are traditional and familiar melodies, this ensures all songs are easy to sign along with for the beginner.


Each term consists of either five (for Babes) or ten weeks (for Stage 1 and 2) of lesson content. Click here to learn more.

The next term of Sing and Sign begins on Sunday 10th October 2021. Our prices for online classes range from TT$250.00 to TT$400.00 per term (GBP 30.00 - GBP 50.00 per term).