"My eldest started talking at 9 months and now at 4 years often gets mistaken for a much older child due to her vocabulary. My youngest did the at home sessions through lockdown and is now a very fluent little talker with full sentences and he still sometime signs some words as he is saying them."- N Giddens

"My little boy is 14m old, we've been doing S&S since he was 6 weeks old. His vocabulary is incredible, I'd say he knows 30-40 words and also says two, sometimes three, word sentences (e.g milk, please. Night-night sun, morrow). I have absolutely no doubt that S&S has helped his early speech development and communication"- A Madgwick

"My dad watched sing and sign with my little girl today and was so impressed with how much she engages with it and how much of her language she has learnt from watching it. Her language is excellent and we believe sing and sign has really helped with that"- G Louise

"My five year old started sing and sign at 5 months, she started talking at 12 months and there wasn’t any shutting her up! She picked up vocab really quick and while we did classes until she was two she never really used that many signs because she didn’t need to. I’m convinced the classes really helped her learn to speak. My 19 month old is slower to speak but uses more signs, she does have quite a few words though and loves the classes"-A Truby

"We have been doing sing&sign since 3months. Helps with frustrations of not being able to communicate for little ones and has definitely helped us to avoid a lot of tantrums/ upsets, my little girl  is nearly 2 now and attends nursery, they have often commented on how advanced her speech is- she's been starting to make sentences since 19/20months old"- S Gill

"We have done sing and sign with both our girls. The first didn't sign much but was a really early talker; our second signed lots so was a little slower to talk. Both had an explosion in their vocab around 15m and were making short sentences by 18m, so it evened out pretty quickly. I think some of it is really down to individual preferences. I think the signs have been particularly useful for more abstract ideas (e.g. later, colours, emotions etc). Signing definitely helped us understand them and help them out quicker, which reduces frustration. I think anything which encourages to and fro communication and exposes them to lots of sounds is a good thing. Also, so much communication even as adults is non verbal, so practising observing facial expressions and body movements / language is a useful skill too"- K Lou

"I did sing and sign with my daughter and it was without a doubt the best thing we ever did! It helped her to communicate what she wanted/needed so much earlier and I am convinced that her speech was improved and enhanced by doing it. She was speaking earlier than others at that age and seemed to pick up language quickly. As you usually say the words as well as signing them, this helps to learn the words for things. Apart from Mama, one of her first words was 'bird' which she said whilst signing and then pointing to it. Others I've spoken to who also did sing and sign have all said the same thing. So basically it encourages communication and feelings much earlier and enhances their speech. Without a doubt the best thing we have ever done with her"- J Lapping

"This is my second time doing sing and sign and with my first she shocked health visitors during her two year check at how advanced her speech was. She had no frustrations because she could tell me what she wants and therefore she was better behaved. She was way ahead for her age group thanks to signing. Eventually she dropped the signing and would just say they word. Just make sure you are always saying the word when signing and you will be absolutely fine. We are doing it again with my youngest and she is signing so well at 16 months. We love it!"- S Howlett

"I have found that my little boy is overjoyed to use signs to communicate but also always tries to use the word, the signs just mean we can better identify what he is saying and then confirm his use of the word! I love sing and sign and am gutted our journey with the classes will come to an end soon though we won't stop the signing or singing!"- A Claxton