More About Stage 2

This class is ideal for toddlers aged from 14 months to 24 months, is great when your little one is moving about and probably starting to talk (although every baby is different, so there's no hard and fast rule!) as it is more active and interactive.  Themes explored include weather, opposites, colours and the phonetic alphabet, together with simple counting songs, turn taking, sharing and of course, lots of fun! For parents who are wary about screen time, feel free to message us about how this program can be adjusted to facilitate this. 



Term Start Date: Monday 3rd May 2021

Class Schedule: Sunday- 4:00pm GMT-4

Duration: Ten (10 ) Weeks

Cost: Based on choice of package (see below)

Silver Package: TT$250.00

  • Basic membership 

  • 30- 40 minute weekly Zoom class with Aunty Ara and Jessie Cat


There is no Gold Package offered for Stage 2.


Platinum Package: TT$400.00

  • Premium membership for one (1) year to with supporting lessons, games, tips and clips

  • 30- 40 minute weekly Zoom class with Aunty Ara and Jessie Cat

  • A different theme each week, just like venue-based classes

  • Ten (10) weeks of award winning lesson content, available online, via @Home Classes, so you and your baby needn't miss out on the wonderful experience of baby signing and learning the fun way if you miss a Zoom class. 

  • @Home Classes consists of a new 30-minute video that will be uploaded at the beginning of each week and available all week long for parents to enjoy with their babies/toddlers, whenever they wish, as a “home class”


All payments can be made either via bank account or PayPal. Please note that all interested persons MUST register first and wait for confirmation before placing a payment.


Banking Institution: First Citizens Bank
Account Name: Limitless Learning TT
Account Number: 2411705


WiPay: Limitless Learning TT