Hello Aunty Ara!


My name is Ciara, better known as Aunty Ara! Just before the full severity of the pandemic started to affect everyone globally, I came to the United Kingdom, on an extended holiday, to spend time with my sister, brother in law and the "Wonkles" aka my nephews. It was then that I was able to participate in Sing and Sign, with my nephews, both in person and online. I was blown away by how quickly they began to use the signs to let us know what they wanted. I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to share with parents and their children in Trinidad and Tobago as well as the Caribbean.

As an educator I know the importance of really understanding material, being able to communicate efficiently and having a solid foundation in language that assists with all aspects of life. I love that Sing and Sign “provides a way for families who are interested in improving two-way communication between parent and child to do so in an entertaining, stimulating and enjoyable manner through its course.”