More About Babes

This class is ideal for babies aged from 6 weeks to 5 months, explores themes such as eye contact, gesture and anticipation together with lots of cuddles, tickles and some simple signs; all building the framework for good communication while using music. This class requires zero screen time for your little one. Devices, such as laptops or tablets, are placed behind the baby so that the parents can follow the teacher but also have a very intimate and interactive time with their little ones. The following is included:

  • Five (5) weeks of award winning lesson content delivered solely via Zoom

  • A weekly 30 minute virtual class

  • A different theme each week, just like venue-based classes

Term Start Date: Sunday 10th October 2021

Duration: Five (5) Weeks

Cost: GBP 30.00 | TTD 250.00

Class Schedule

Sunday- 2:00pm GMT-4

All payments can be made either via bank account, PayPal or WiPay. Please note that all interested persons MUST register first and wait for confirmation before placing a payment.


Banking Institution: First Citizens Bank
Account Name: Limitless Learning TT
Account Number: 2411705


WiPay: Limitless Learning TT